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Decorate for the holidays w/ a misteltoe kissing ball: view the how-to here from

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Holiday Finds: Vol. 2

inside out champagne flutes from the Museum of Modern Art Store

garland table lamp from Museum of Modern Art Store

mirrored side table from Target

winter heart strings address label from

new year's photo card sprinkled stars from

ruby sparkle garland from Gardener's Supply Co.

Stuart Weitzman Aline Specchio from Revolve Clothing

lariat necklace from Armani Exchange

sequined toe pump from Armani Exchange

DIY Mirrored Table

Can't afford to pick up a ready-made mirrored table? Make your own via these do-it-yourself directions for half the price!

If you choose a simple piece of furniture to start with and measure well, then it is very easy to create mirrored Art Deco style furniture! Having a suitable (that is, safe thickness) mirror cut to size is quite pricey, but you can still make yourself a mirrored dressing table for half the cost of buying one ready-made.

Time taken:
• 2 hours
You will need:
• Suitable table
• Mirror, cut to size by a glazier
• Mirror adhesive (available from suppliers)
• Fine-grade sandpaper
• Tape Measure

Step One
This is the most important step for this project and you must get it right. It pays to measure once, twice and then once more for luck! You need to measure the width and length of the tabletop, and depth and length of the side pieces (five pieces in all). Remember to allow for some overlap if you don't want to see the original finish peeking through at the corners. Remove the legs of the table and place the top on a secure, flat surface to make it easier to work with.

Step Two

Have all the mirror pieces cut to size. Tell your glazier what you are planning and he will ensure that the mirror is of the correct thickness ‑- if it is too thin, it may shatter easily. The top surface will look gorgeous with a beveled edge, but the sides will be too narrow to allow for this. Make sure the glazier smoothes off all the edges.

Step Three
Sand the surface of the table side pieces lightly. This will ensure that the adhesive works at maximum efficiency ‑- it won't work quite as well on a shiny surface. Check again that the tabletop is perfectly level; otherwise the mirror pieces may slip. Apply the adhesive liberally to the mirror pieces and glue them into place.

Step Four
Apply the adhesive liberally and evenly to the tabletop surface, then fit the tabletop mirror section. Another pair of hands may be necessary, as the mirror will be fairly heavy. Leave to dry overnight before reassembling the table.

Excerpted from Weekend Furniture Facelifts by Helen Carey.

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