Saturday, February 26, 2005

Personalized tees and sweats for the fabulous only!

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Put your own personalized message on any of Neighborhoodies cute tees or sweatshirts. You pick the colors, typeface, and the message. This is the most brilliant thing! (Now you know that you won't run into some one wearing the same shirt, because you both decide to shop at the Gap.) I'm thinking I'll have to get one touting the neighborhood I grew up in w/ a South Side, A-Town sweatshirt (which sounds better than a Little Mexico, A-Town sweatshirt!) (For those of you actually from A-town, you'll, hopefully get the joke in those last lines!) For all of you Ohio folks, they've got a store in Cincinnati, which I'm sure is worth checking out, if you're ever in the neighborhood!

Personalized Girls Tee, $22.99 Posted by Hello

Personalized Girl's Sweatshirt, $49.99 Posted by Hello

Personalized Boys Sweatshirt, $49.99 Posted by Hello
link to Neighborhoodies

great single note scents

Demeter has got the market on single note scents. Their Sex on the Beach smells just like the fruity cocktail, as does their Orange Dreamsicle. I'm also a fan of the Chocolate Chip Cookie scent, which, again smells just like fresh baked morsels. These are very well priced $10-$18 and a lot of fun to add into your scent collection. (Granted I won't be smelling like a cookie or a fruity drink everyday, but it's fun to have something different every once in awhile.)

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fab because of what it is, not whose name is on it

Pricey but worth it, this is from Jessica Simpson's Dessert line. I'd be more inclined to avoid this product, becasue it is celebrity endorsed, but this one's actually got the goods! The gloss comes in a ton of flavors, (I prefer the juicy-tinged Slip)and it smells great, too! It's also got a bit of that tingly thing going on to make your lips look and feel fuller. (Think Lip Venom w/ a fruity flavor and scent.)

Dessert Plumping Lip Gloss, $21 Posted by Hello
link to Dessert Gloss

cute spring bag

A cute bag from Sephora w/ a matching pouch and clutch.

Sephora New England Bag, $18 Posted by Hello
link to New England Bag $18

New England Clutch Posted by Hello
link to New England Clutch $12

New England Pouch Posted by Hello
link to New England Pouch $15

Lip Venom to the rescue

I love Lip Venom. Very tingly and fun, and it gives you the perfect bee stung look for lips.

DuWop Lip Venom, $15 Posted by Hello
link to Lip Venom

Caudalie: smells good and works too!

Love this line from Paris! It's made w/ grape seed and smells very clean and fresh. I've never been one to go out and buy such expensive beauty products, so instead, everytime I go to the mall, I hit up Sephora for some samples. Now I've got a stockpile of little tubes of Caudalie's entire skin care line.

Caudalie Cleanser $10-$25 Posted by Hello
link to Caudalie Cleanser
The cleanser smells just as fab as the rest of the line, and is 2 products in one, cleanser and toner. Definitely worth a try. The small bottle is only $10 and lasted a good 3 weeks.

Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream, $34 Posted by Hello
link to Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream
The Gentle Buffing Cream is perfect for the face. (Think St. Ives Peach Scrub, acheiving the same results, but much less abrasive.)

Caualie Eye Cream $48 Posted by Hello
link to Caudalie Eye Cream
The eye cream is to die for. After 2 weeks of using it, I could definitely tell a difference in the puffiness around my eyes.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

not your grandma's embroidery

These are some embroidered portraits by Austin, Texas artist Jenny Hart. This chick is amazing! Check out her hip embroidery kits and crafty book here:

Sublime Stitching, portrait, Billie Posted by Hello

Sublime Stitching, portrait: Dolly Posted by Hello


This mag is fabulous, and most the time pretty funny. The premise of the mag came from the idea of collecting interesting found notes and pictures together and publishing them for everyone to enjoy. The website gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the print edition. I got a kick out of the find of the week, below, from Nov 14-20 2004.
Found Magazine Posted by Hello

Found object: from a returned library book in Indianapolis Posted by Hello
link to Find of the Week

rock poster art

These are the genius work of Aesthetic Apparatus. All their posters are hand screened at their shop in Minneapolis. Very fab, and very reasonably priced. (Their posters start at only $20!)

Aesthetic Apparatus, poster: Firewater Posted by Hello
link to Firewater poster

Aesthetic Apparatus, poster: Hank Williams III
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link to Hank Williams III poster

Aesthetic Apparatus, poster: Alejandro Escovedo Posted by Hello
link to Alejandro Escovedo poster

Aesthetic Apparatus, poster: Ryan Adams
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link to Ryan Adams poster

do-it yourself candle tins

I found these do-it yourself directions from
Candle DIY directions

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Monday, February 07, 2005

stylish decor

I love West Elm. They've got the cutest home decor, and their catalog is chock full of simple, modern home design ideas.

wall cubes from West Elm, $49 each or 2/$89 Posted by Hello
link to wall cubes

chandelier from West Elm, $99 Posted by Hello
link to West Elm chandelier

detail of chandelier Posted by Hello


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