Monday, January 31, 2005

a fab dress

A great dress from ABS by Allen Schwartz, at

ABS dress @ Posted by Hello
link to ABS dress, only $79.99, reduced from $432!

fabulous shades

Who wouldn't love a pair of these rockin' Burberry aviators?

Burberry aviators Posted by Hello
link to Burberry shades

note cards to tickle your fancy

Some fun note cards. I especially like the Neopolitain cards that look just like the ice cream.

notecards  Posted by Hello

Neopolitain Card by Jack & Lulu Posted by Hello

another great mag

Dwell is a fabulous magazine about modern home design, inside and out. It's printed on a great heavyweight matte paper and just reeks of creativity. I'm most definitely a convert, and can't wait until the next issue arrives in my box!

Dwell Magazine Posted by Hello

my ultimate jeans!

I love Silver Jeans! I haven't found a pair yet that I don't like. (My faves are the bitmap style!) They're made in Canada, but you can buy them stateside off of their website, or at The Buckle. (The website often has good sale items, where you can find reg. priced denim ($68-80) at prices $15-$20 off!)

Silver Jeans Posted by Hello

personalized note cards!

These customized note cards are a bit pricey, but I love the idea of having personalized cards to pull out of my desk drawer! If nothing else, this is a good idea to try and print out your own! Very simple, but also elegant. If you've got some money to burn, check out their website:

Personalized Pink Stripe card from Chelsea Paper Posted by Hello
link to pink striped cards

Personalized Turquoise card from Chelsea Paper Posted by Hello
link to turquoise striped cards

Personalized Green cards at Chelsea Paper Posted by Hello
link to green note cards

my 2 fave shopping mags

I love thes 2 magazines, because they're all about shopping! Lucky is by far the more comprehensive of the two, but Shop etc. , which is relatively new, is divided up nicely into 3 easily accessible sections: fashion, home, and beauty.

Lucky Magazine Posted by Hello

Shop etc. Magazine Posted by Hello

Monday, January 24, 2005

doesn't everyone need a cute new purse?

Some cute bags from American Eagle:

ae satin clutch Posted by Hello
ae Satin Clutch: on SALE $14.95

ae flower bag Posted by Hello
ae Flower Bag: on SALE $14.95

ae sparkle tote Posted by Hello
ae Sparkle Tote: $24.50

see thru envelopes

Lovely vellum envelopes from Paper Source. They're $4 for 10 and come in lots of great colors!

vellum envelope: turquoise Posted by Hello

vellum envelope: lime Posted by Hello
link to vellum envelopes

luv it!

Some fun things from The Gap:
Luv this jacket!

Gap jacket Posted by Hello
Gap Jacket: on sale: $54.99

Luv this leather tote! (The price on the website is $68, but I found one at the store for $19.95!)

Gap leather tote, white Posted by Hello
Gap leather tote

A cute little rain hat, and it's only $9.99!

Gap rain hat Posted by Hello
Gap rain hat: on SALE $9.99

brush holders for your counter

Some new vanity brush holders from Sephora: $22-25.

Sephora vanity cases Posted by Hello
link to vanity brush holders

my fave everyday SPF

My favorite oil-free, you can wear it everyday, sunblock! This stuff has an SPF of 30, and it's fab!

Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-lite SPF 30: $25 Posted by Hello
PTR sunblock at Sephora, $25

Saturday, January 22, 2005

you could "see yourself" in this bracelet

I love this bracelet. It's a bit on the pricey side, but v. cute! Found it at Aloha Rag, $113, by Martin Margiela.

Mirror Bracelet Posted by Hello
link to mirror bracelet

cute undies:

Found this at, a boutique in LA.

Cami Set $35 Posted by Hello
link to cami-set $35

cocktail party invites

Cocktails Invite Posted by Hello
link to Cocktails invite

Cheers Invite Posted by Hello
link to Cheers invite


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