Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DIY handmade notepads

This would make a great custom party favor: emblazoned w/ a note to guests or artwork that is reminiscent of your event!

Materials needed:

(How to PDF)
3-4 packs of A2 Note Cards (use two different colors for a jazzy pad!)
Glue Brush
2 Rulers
1-2 Jumbo Binder Clips

1. Stack A2 Note Cards (alternating colors optional). Jog sides back and forth on a flat level surface until desired edge is completely flush.
2. Cover one edge with PVA to bind cards.
3. Carefully sandwich the glued edge between two rulers, then clamp with jumbo binder clips. The rulers will protect the paper from the clips. Set aside to dry.
4. If necessary, apply another layer of PVA and set aside to dry. Once completely dry, unclamp and use!

via papersource blog

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