Saturday, February 26, 2005

Personalized tees and sweats for the fabulous only!

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Put your own personalized message on any of Neighborhoodies cute tees or sweatshirts. You pick the colors, typeface, and the message. This is the most brilliant thing! (Now you know that you won't run into some one wearing the same shirt, because you both decide to shop at the Gap.) I'm thinking I'll have to get one touting the neighborhood I grew up in w/ a South Side, A-Town sweatshirt (which sounds better than a Little Mexico, A-Town sweatshirt!) (For those of you actually from A-town, you'll, hopefully get the joke in those last lines!) For all of you Ohio folks, they've got a store in Cincinnati, which I'm sure is worth checking out, if you're ever in the neighborhood!

Personalized Girls Tee, $22.99 Posted by Hello

Personalized Girl's Sweatshirt, $49.99 Posted by Hello

Personalized Boys Sweatshirt, $49.99 Posted by Hello
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